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I come from the IT and Internet industry. I spent 8 years as a networking consultant and analyst in the early days of distributed systems, working for Patricia Seybold. I then ran NetWorld+Interop, the global interoperability event and ran COMDEX. I've run the online division of Red Herring magazine, and have consulted for Internet security and content management systems companies.

I have thus had the pleasure and thrill of participating in technology-fueled markets that grew insanely and made a profound difference. (When Dan Lynch, the founder of Interop, asked me to join his growing team in 1992, he said: “This is going to be a wild rocket ride.” In that, as in so many other things, Dan was right on target.)

I believe in the power of combining advanced and emerging technology with education and emerging communities of buyers. When you get that fuel mix right, you get your rocket ride.

Today we are seeing tremendous leaps in research and technology. If applied well through exisiting and new markets, these leaps could be of widespread and profound benefit.

We’re also at a precarious time at which we need to make decisions that will support those efforts. Failure to do so could not only stall development , it could knock us backwards.

I’m basically an optimist; dark apolocalyptic visions have never appealed. However, I also rely on data and analysis. We need to address certain issues such as the need for sustainable energy with urgency and clarity.

My experience tells me that the way to do this is through focused education and discussion amongst the stakeholding communities. Online, offline, face-to-face. Educated buyers given an opportunity to buy or to use the best solution will opt for the best and help create something even better.